26 July 2010

A Typical Morning

6:00 the alarm goes off, dark outside, press snooze again, and again, and again.

Lift my heavy head off my pillow, drag the covers back, feel the cool winter morning seep in, and eventually place my feet on the carpet.

Freshen up, grab some cereal from the kitchen and get dressed for the day in front of the electric heater.

Clean teeth and collect the necesssary keys, phone, wallet and one or two other things I need for the day.

Slip my shoes on and head out of my Southbank apartment at 7:07 am. I know I have no time to spare, but will also be on time.

Walk down St Kilda Rd towards the city past National Gallery, water fountains outside, tree-lined avenue, trams rumbling by.

Sky is getting lighter, clouds have orange tinge, air is very crisp at 6 degrees. People attired for work walk on the footpath, some holding a warming drink, others with scarf and gloves.

See the illuminated city buildings, soon to be over-brightened by the lightening sky. Walk across the Yarra river past Federation Square, and pas the clock at Flinders St station which says 7:20.

Down Swanston St and then into Collins, past the banks, hotels and stores. Across the crossing, look up at the Commonwealth Bank building. Press the button and up the lift.

Out the window, see the sun beginning to shine on the NAB building. Hot air ballons rising above.

Log in, check emails. It's 7:30 am. Time to start the day... at work... in Melbourne.

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