27 April 2009

Kyushu Trip!

Mum and Dad in Japan now. Spent today in Kyoto. Himeji Castle tomorrow before I meet them at Hiroshima Station tomorrow night.

Wed morn ferry to Matsuyama. Thurs Buppu. Fri & Sat Mt Aso. Sun Nagasaki. Mon Fukuoka. Tues back to Hiroshima.


12 April 2009

50000 times

That's probably about how many times the wheels on my bike turned around today. From Hiroshima City, took Route 2 past Higashi-Hiroshima, turned off to Takehara (about 55 km), went back around the coast to Kure (back towards Hiroshima-- another 40 km or so). Caught the ferry home after JR telling me they don't allow large, unfoldable, uncovered bicycles on their trains.
Here's a map of my trip. Left at 12:30 lunch time, took some breaks along the way, arrived Kure at about 6:30 pm. So, 100 km in 6 hours is about what's doable for me on a bike with some hills, light load, small amount of wind, good weather.