10 July 2008

New Flatmate

I haven't fallen off the planet. Quite a bit has happened, but no blog for a while.

George (previous flatmate and colleage) has returned to Papua New Guinea. He was great to work with, live with and become good friends with. Miss him.

David (new flatmate and colleage) has come from Australia. It's been great chatting with him and today's his birthday (Happy Birthday, David!)

Truly summer now, with most nights warmer than 25 degrees and the day about 30 degrees. Very humid. Typical Japanese summer weather. Have been to the pool twice this week (and today got a bit sunburnt).

Last weekend went to Iwakuni to study the Bible with friends. Went together with them to a sushi train restaurant (kaitenzushi). It was stacks of fun! The sushi (usually raw fish in rice, among other things) goes around on a little conveyor belt past all the different tables... just take off the food you want! Then we headed to a nice onsen (hot spa) and rotemburo (outside bath) for about 3 hours.... greeeeaaaat... nice and relaxing.

Among other things, have been to the summer concert at the nearby SDA high school. Continue to learn Japanese, meeting with people to learn more. Continue to eat out and hang out and go for bike rides :-)

English Bible classes are going well. Some new students have been coming and are enjoying them. I enjoy teaching English and Bible. It's fun.

Classes are winding down now towards summer holidays. Kindergarten English classes finished. Primary school English classes finish next week. All classes finish Monday 10 August, and start Monday 1 September, giving three weeks holiday.

I hope to see the fireworks show soon, hope to go to a nice beach, go swimming and spend time with friends. When holidays start, I hope to go to Nagoya, Shizuoka, climb Mt Fuji, visit Tokyo, see a bit of Tohoku region (north part of Japan's main island), and spend a good week in Hokkaido (the northern most of the four main islands of Japan). I'll probably travel by local trains (stopping at almost every station along the east length of Japan!), but it's cheap.

I'll go home to Australia in the winter holidays (Christmas time) for about two weeks from about 24 December to 7 January. I'll visit Cairns (brother, sister-in-law, and "someone"), Brisbane (parents and brother), and if I can, I'd like to visit Sydney (relatives) and Melbourne (church friends). But, petrol keeps going up, so I don't know about flights.

Next year, short holiday in April, and then finish contract in August. After that... who knows.

For now, I'll be keeping busy teaching English and Bible, continuing to do my best. Making friends, learing Japanese language and culture, enjoying Japan, sharing my faith and working for God.