22 May 2009

Back to Australia

After nearly 2 years teaching English and Bible in SDA Schools in Hiroshima, Japan, it's time to come back home! I finish on Thursday night 13 August. Sometime in the next few weeks after that I'll be back in Australia. After that? Watch this space :-)


Well, dragged myself off to the doctor last Monday. First time I went to the doctor because I was sick since primary school! Anyway, with all this swine flu stuff going around, and I had a cold, (and other's suggested it), I went to the local doctor and he said it's just a cold, not a flu! Phew!

Going to the doctor wasn't much different in Japan than Australia, at least for me this time, anyway. He spoke good English so that was very nice for me. Getting over my cold still but on the way to normal happy me.

03 May 2009

Mt Aso

Greetings from the volcano! On Friday, Mum, Dad and I got a rental car and drove from Beppu to Mt Aso. We drove up the mountain and saw, heard and smelt the sulphur! It was a real volcano!

The area is so nice and green. Driving is very scenic and relaxing. So pretty! Takachiho Gorge and Shirakawa Waterhead are places we went to yesterday. Today we'll see Nagasaki and Tomorrow we'll go to Sasebo and Fukuoka before returning to Hiroshima on Tuesday.

We've seen very beautiful places ane had many interesting experiences! Tired but the onsens have helped :-)