20 March 2009

Unaccepted Gifts & Funny Bananas

Well, it's 20 March today, which means a public holiday in Japan, celebrating the equinnox. Friday is a holiday for me anyway.

As I remember last year, the cold winter ended almost right on 20 March, and, just a few days ago, (after 2 degrees last Saturday), the temperature got a heat boost and we are now experiencing spring weather! It's so nice, and I'd say we won't get any more cold temps until next winter in October.

And, this time of year also means cherry blossoms! Japanese people just love them, and I do to, so I'll try grab a few pics.

The Japanese school year is April to March, which means this we had graduation. Primary School Grad was on last Sunday, and Kindergarten the day after. Even for Kindy, the grad is a big thing! After 3 years of kindy, it can be quite an emotional experience for kids and parents. A very nice occasion to conclude, remember and express appreciation.

Now, to the unaccepted gifts. David and I went for a bike ride two nights ago, just relaxingly cruizing around the rivers, enjoying the warmer, cool spring nights. We just felt like going to a Family Mart (like 7-Eleven) to buy something. Then I got the bright idea of buying something for the shop assistant.

Hmmm... so, got a little snack bar, bought it, and gave it to him. He didn't know what to do! He tried very hard to give it back to us and refuse the gift, but he was quite shocked, and almost panicked, so it seemed. Anyway, we left and he was left with the bar. I don't know what he did after. I think he probably ate it, but it probably didn't taste like a normal bar because of the apparently strange circumstances surrounding it.

And... bananas. They're always good food, so, on the way back from our bike ride, I stopped at some "open late" fruit stall and remembered I wanted to buy bananans. So, bought 200 yen bananas and gave the lady 250 yen, who, reluctantly accepted it.

David and I kept riding, found our favourite spot, swapped bikes and rode aroundin circles for a bit. I put the bananas on the edge of a wall and forgot to get them after we'd finished our little exercise.

Got back home, went up stairs and then remembered the bananas! Oh, well, in Japan, people don't usually steal things, so I thought I'd go back and get them in the morning, as long as the crows or ants hadn't gotten too excited about it.

Anyway, got up in the morning and forgot about the bananas, but then, lo and behold, the bananas were in the letter box! How on earth did they get there! Well, I thought David must have gone back to pick them up for me and left them there...

After talking with David, he said that the bananas were in his bike basket and that I hadn't left the bananas behind after all! I'd just left them in the bike basket downstairs from our apartment!

Funny bananas!