06 August 2007

Preparing for Japan

Less than 10 days to go! Plenty of things to do before I leave for Japan. Been quite busy the last few weeks. This is my last week of work at USQ. It's been great to work there.

Last Friday I booked flights with Singapore Airlines. Fly out of Brisbane next Monday (20 Aug) for Singapore. Stay there for 3 days and fly to Tokyo to arrive Friday (24 Aug) morning. Looking foward to Singapore... never been there before. I hear the "Night Safari" is worth going on, so I'll have to do that.

I'll be catching up with Richard and Beckie in Cairns from next Thursday 16 Aug to the Monday. It's going to be really nice to see them. It's been about 9 months since I've seen them. The weather and scenery in Cairns this time of year I'm expecting to be really nice.

Had a cold the last week or so. Took some days off work which gave me some time to sort out a few things!

Spent the weekend before last with Jared in Brisbane. Caught up with friends (some from >10 years ago from school!) from all over south-east Qld at Ben's place where they had a youth program... all unexpected! Went to Eden's Landing church and shared some of the experience I had in Melbourne. Caught up with Suki and Tina (also from Melbourne), and was a highlight to hear their stories and their perspective on the 6 months we spent there serving God through mission work. Serving God is a privilege, challenge and a rewarding time!

Got my car to sell, medical check-ups before travelling, final arrangements, store all my stuff I'm not taking to Japan, pack the things I am taking, catchup with people etc. It'll be a busy few days... but... I'm really excited!

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