24 August 2007

In Japan

Arrived! The plane touched down 7:30 am and got through quarantine, immigration and customs with no dramas and met Akashi-san who will help me get to Yokohama today. We're just waiting for another person to arrive and both of us will travel by bus. So, what do you do when your waiting, but... shopping!

So, I bought some long-awiated jeans, couple of postcards and a bit of bread. As you would expect, the shop keepers speak Japanese and I don't really know what they say, but I just say "arigato gozaimasu" (thank-you) and "hai" (yes).

I'm thankful to God everything has gone well. After getting served a snack at 1:00 am on the plane, settling down, and then being woken up about 5:00 am for breakfast by the flight attendant, it left me with about 90 minutes sleep (interrupted by a view of a city of the Phillippines on the horizon).

Yes, it's Japan, and fun so far. The time will come when I miss home. For now, I'm here for a year. To teach English and serve God. I pray He gives me the ability to do this. I'm looking forward to Sabbath tonight.

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Diane said...

Hi there from home, yes home/home - not just Oz, but here in Meringandan. We have been keeping up with reading your blog and are so glad that you are having a great time - wish we were there too! We also thank God that you had a safe trip and ask for His continued guidance in the year ahead. Enjoy your time Brad, We love you heaps, Mum amd Dad.