29 August 2007

Leaving Yokohama

We just finished our last day of training at Yokohama and tomorrow head to Hiroshima on the Shinkansen (bullet train)! Can’t wait to ride it. It’s really smooth and speeds up to 300 km/h. Looks like there’s a few tunnels along the way, so it should be good.

Joseph (from Canada) and Jermaine (from Jamaica) and I are travelling together. They are beginning their 12 month English teaching term at Osaka and get off the train before me. It takes about 4 hours to get to Hiroshima from Yokohama (Tokyo).

Well it finally started to rain today, but didn’t give us a break from the hot weather. It was cloudy last night and didn’t get to see the lunar eclipse last night :-( Did you see it?

In Japan, you do a lot of bowing your head. It’s often done when you meet someone, say goodbye, during conversation etc. Also, don’t wear your shoes inside! Take them off outside and leave them facing out (not just in a big jumble to shoes). The cars drive on the same side of the road as they do in Australia.

Hmmm… not much else to say. Arrive in my apartment in Hiroshima tomorrow. It’s on 7th floor and close to the centre of the city from what I can work out. Church on Sabbath and it’s an English church, so that’ll be good. Work begins Sunday!

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