23 August 2007

Singapore... nice!

After being here a couple of days, you start to get a feel for the place and begin to know how to get around. I have to say I like Singapore. Things are done very well here. It's very clean, tidy, organized, structured and aesthetic. I can feel the regulation and "red-tape" oozing out of the city here, but it's worth it, because it makes it one of the nicest cities I've been to. I haven't come across a "grungy" place yet.

Today I'll be headed to Jurong Bird Park which is one of the world's best. I'll cruise around the city for a bit and then fly out to Tokyo tonight, arriving 7:30 am tomorrow. Yesterday I spent on Sentosa, a resort/holiday island just to the south of the city. It's the southern most point of continental Asia. There was a cable car ride across to the island (great views of the city). Went up the Sky Tower, to Underwater World, Butterfly Park, walked along the beach, Dolphin Show and Songs of the Sea. There was so much beauty in all of that! A very well designed island. Plenty of nice things to see, natural surrounds, and relaxed feel.

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Diane said...

sounds like Singapore would be a great place to see especially with all the natural history attractions. I can undersand you liking the cleanness of the city. Love from mum and dad