21 August 2007


So here we are at Singapore! Well, its a very nice airport at Changi and the weather is humid and varies between 25 and 30 degrees during the day. Cloudy at the moment and expected showers/storms on and off for the 3 days I'm here.

Lolita met me at the airport and we caught the MRT (train) to a friends place. Staying on 12th floor, so have a good view of the suburbs. The building colors are quite light (creams, oranges, browns etc) compared to Australian cities, and there are many more apartments compared to suburban houses.

Slept and woke up early (because my body thought it was still in Australia... 2 hrs ahead). But worked out well because I needed the extra sleep.

Off to the city after lunch today... look at the shops (Orchard Rd), see Chinatown and Little India. Might do Night Safari tonight and Sentosa Island tomorrow. Nothing definitely planned yet. Nice to know my Telstra phone works here.

I'll duck out for a swim in the pool and walk around outside now...

Pics from the flight last night and of view from where I'm staying are here: http://picasaweb.google.com/bradwarden/Singapore

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