26 July 2007

Work at USQ

I'm sitting in the K103 Mac lab at USQ waiting for these computers to copy the new install across. Had a few dramas getting them to work, but we'll get there in the end.

Getting closer to going to Japan. I need to arrive in Tokyo on Thu 23 Aug to begin a week's training, and then start work soon after that. I'll be teaching English at the Hiroshima SDA English School in Japan for 1 year. Hiroshima is the 7th largest city in Japan with about 2 million people (bit larger than Brisbane, smaller than Melbourne).

I'm really excited about going. I've been to Vanuatu (in the Pacific Islands), but apart from that, I have not been outside Australia. It's my first time to Asia! Have been listening to JapanesePod101.com podcasts on my way to work each day to try and learn a bit of Japanese. I'm looking forward to experiencing a new culture, and learning more about the world we live in.

Should be able to get my visa next week. Finish work at USQ on Fri 10 Aug. Spend time at home with family for a few days. Will try to see Richard and Beckie (brother and sister-in-law) on the weekend of 18/19 Aug in Cairns. Then plan to head out of Australia. Stop by Asia on the way for a couple of nights (if you have ideas [flights, cities etc], let me know), and arrive in Japan Wed or Thu 23 Aug.

Anyhow, computers have finished copying, so I have to go...

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