07 January 2009

Last Night in Australia

Just in an internet cafe in Sydney trying to find a backpackers. Have to be at the airport in 9 hours. Looks like there's a reasonable backpackers not far from Town Hall station. I'll go there after finishing this blog.

Caught up with a Melbourne friend who lives in Sydney now. Nice to catch up. They're enjoying life here.

There's so much more grafitti in Australia compared to Japan, and, Australia is far more multi-cultural. Japan's demography is very homogenous. 99% of people are Japanese.

Last weekend caught up with friends in Melbourne. Well worth the very short stay of only 2 and a bit days, but far too short. Church was really good. Hadn't been to a good church in English for a long time. Really felt God's presence there. Felt a lot of spiritual and social release...

After living in Japan, Australia seems to relaxed about everything... at airports, at shops, at work, banks, and, of course, when people are on holidays too. Japan is a serious culture which doesn't seem to allow for mistakes, differences, things that are different, new, or unproven.

Since catching up with friends in Melbourne (mostly Chinese), I've realised how different the cultures in Japan and China are. Seems like I might like to do some more travel again. Kind of lost the travel bug after being in Japan a while, but picked it up again after coming home and mixing things up a bit.

My work finishes in August this year 2009. Not sure what to do after that. Might move on rather than stay another year. My experience in Japan has been really good. Might like to stay there a bit longer, but might be good to travel a bit first.

Well, the timer in the internet cafe is about to click off... I'll head to the backpackers, grab some sleep, get up 5:30 am, shower, catch train to airport, stop off at Gold Coast, fly to Tokyo, bus to Kyoto and home by Sunday.

God bless you.

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Ben said...

Travel safe Brad!!

Talk to you soon mate...

Have a great Sabbath, weekend and 2009!