11 January 2009

First Work Day

Well, caught the overnight bus back from Kyoto this morning to Hiroshima to start work in a couple of hours. Really nice time in Kyoto. Stayed at a nice youth hostel in Utano (north Kyoto), went for a hot bath in the city, visited Heian Jingu and saw a bit of culture in Gion. Gion has a nice tradtional and cultural feel about it. Old-style buildings, people dressed in kimono, nice restaurants, and last night it was snowing a bit too.

So, made it back from the Australia trip. Now, after the terrible overnight bus trip (not good sleep), I'm surprisingly energetic! I don't' know why... it's Sunday morning and start of work... anway. Nice to be feeling good to start work. Only a 1 hour class today and tomorrow's a holiday, but then Tuesday it all starts.

So, happy new work year! Let's see what this year brings.

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