25 January 2009

Cold & Run Out

Just got back from the good ol' 7-eleven shop. More about that later...

Today is probably the coldest day I'll experience in Hiroshima. Got down to minus 2 this morning, snow falling at different intervals throughout the day with a max of 2.4. Doesn't get much colder than that in the city here. Of course, colder in the country side and mountains. But, didn't seem that cold since I was inside with good heating most of the time. Went for a bit of a bike ride with David in the afternoon, but didn't get that cold.

Spent too long in my room tonight in front of the heater using my computer. Was doing a little chart on Japanese history as well as looking at the history of Christianity in Japan. It's interesting. But, was couped up too much, thinking too hard, and got a headache! Still have it. But, after getting up and finding there was something missing, I had to replace it.

Well, the missing item is essential and is what I bought at 7-eleven. Well, I found the toilet paper easy enough and made my purchse. Didn't need to lock the apartment since that shop is so close (1 min bike ride). And, in Japan, people just don't seem to brake in much or steal things! I don't know why, but it's great! May it continue.

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