02 January 2009

Happy 2009!

Began the year with Mum, Dad and Jared (my brother) at home watching the Sydney fireworks on TV in our Queensland home! Man, the Sydney fireworks were something... Must have been incredible to be there.

We drank some Maison, had our own little sparklers, took a photo and then I slept outside under the stars with my brother. The gum trees not far away, the odd shooting star, the insect sounds, and the cooler air made for nice sleeping.

Well, tonight's my last sleep here at home. Tomorrow I head to Melbourne to catch up with friends from church. Then to Newcastle on Monday to see Grandma and Pa and relatives for a few days. Then back to Tokyo on 8 Jan. I'll be in Kyoto 9 and 10 Jan, and then back in Hiroshima on 11 Jan for work.

Happy New Year! May the Spirit of Love and Peace fill your life this year.

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