13 August 2008

Tokyo Sleep $10

Shinjuku, Tokyo. I'm in Manboo Internet Comic Cafe for not real other reason than to have some cheap sleep. Get the night pack for less than 1000 yen which gives you 7 hours of time in an open (but large enough) cubicle.

Put the seat back and get some sleep. Can also use the shower for 30 minutes and have unlimited drinks (juice, tea, coffee, softdrink, miso soup etc). The guy next to me was smoking, but he's stopped now so that's ok.

The staff were ok... not super friendly. I don't speak good Japanese, so that didn't help. I guess it doesn't really matter, as long as you get the rest and shower you need.

Plenty of entertainment around... after all, it is a comic cafe too. Movies, comics of all types and varieties. Plenty of things to distract from real life and many things to make oneself disatisfied with life. I have to say, close your eyes to a few things in here to keep your heart pure.

The train ride today was good. Left Hiroshima 8:45 am and, 10 trains and 15 hours later arrived Shinjuku about 12:10 just after midnight. All for 2300 yen. Now it's nearly 2am, after trying to find an internet cafe with 'sleep' mode, having a shower and typing this up.

I have to be out of here by 8am in the morning. Try find some locker to put my suitcase for the day. Meeting friends at Hachiko Statue in Shibuya for lunch and then doing some Tokyo sights after that.

Good night!

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