13 August 2008

Important Notice

This life is not forever. We all know that. We all know that will will live an average of 70 or a bit more years. So, why do we still seem to think that it will never happen to us?

But, the reality is, God's does give eternal life. God has given us all life. An enemy has caused trouble in the universe and the conflict continues. Soon the conflict will cease. There will come a time when the way we lived our lives will determine our destiny. The choices we make each day have consequences.

It boils down to: will you live for yourself, or will you live for God and for other people? Will you live a life that is 'universal peace' compatible? ie. being willing to put your own wishes aside when necessary. It's summarised in: "Treat people the way you want to be treated."

God wants to overlook our faults and forgive us. If we turn away from our wrong actions, God forgives and gives us eternal life. Can this really be true?

If you are not sure, determine to search for God. Determine to find your purpose in life. Seek each day to live the best life you can. As you give to others, your life will be filled. As you open your heart to the truth, peace will come. The Bible reveals a message of hope, despite the seemingly hopeless situation the world is in.

Yes, each person has value and is precious. The world might not tell you, but the Spirit of God will tell you. Think about reality. Think about the most important things in life and in eternity. Take time each day to consider these things. If you don't, you've thrown away eternity. But, as you do think about these things, you won't want to turn back. You will have found the path to life!

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