12 August 2008

Hiroshima to Tokyo 2300 yen

On the train from Hiroshima to Tokyo. Yesterday, finished last day of work for my first year contract. Wow! Doesn't feel like a big thing, but, nevertheless, I'm done for a year. Start work on Monday, 1 September.

So, the big trip has started. The origin of this trip goes back to primary school when we had Japanese classes. Ever since, I've wanted to come to Japan and climb Mt Fuji (and catch a bullet train, see the cherry blossoms and have a hot spring/bath). So, 12 or so years later, I'll be able to climb Mt Fuji these holidays!

The plan:
12-17 Aug: Tokyo & Fuji.
19-27 Aug: Hokkaido.
28-31 Aug: Arrive home.


Aug 12 Tue: Catch local trains from Hiroshima (8:45am) to Tokyo (11:46pm) for only 2300 yen using Seishun 18 Ticket. Stay the night in an internet cafe in Shubuya or Shinjuku.

13 Wed: Meet friends in Shubuya, see a bit of Tokyo, stay a friends house in Kanagawa-ken (outer Tokyo) that night.

14 Thu: Visit friend in Shizuoka during the day. Climb to Level 8 on Mt Fuji and stay the night with a friend.

15 Fri: Wake early, climb the rest of Mt Fuji to watch sunrise from the summit. Sightsee a little around Mt Fuji area. Stay friends house in Kanagawa-ken.

16 Sab: Head in to Tokyo late morning and relax. At night, hang out with friends and stay the night at friends house that night.

17 Sun: Probably head to Kamakura with friends. Stay somewhere (?) in Tokyo that night.

18 Mon: Catch trian headed for Hokkaido (2 days by local train north of Tokyo). Stay somewhere on they way.

19 Tue: Keep travelling to Hokkaido and stay the night there.

20 Wed to 27 Wed: cruise around Hokkaido, camping here and there. Spend a few days in the one place doing almost nothing except relaxing, reading, praying, meditating, a bit of Japanese study, some Bible reading, maybe a bit of bicycle riding and a few onsens (natural hot spring baths).

28 Thu to 31 Sun: Head back to Hiroshima by train (about 3 days travel).

Sep 1 Mon: Work :-)

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