14 November 2008

When did I go to bed?

In an attempt to bed at a reasonable hour, after too many late nights for no good reason, I've decided to publish my sleeping times.

Get up = get out of bed or engage my brain (eg. Bible reading, prayer) and not return to sleep; waking up and falling asleep again does not constitute "getting up"; "sleepy prayers" (where thoughts wander from subject to subject and back to sleep again) also do not count as getting up.

Going to bed = being physically in bed with the lights out, not thinking too actively about anything much, and remaining in bed (unless I have stumble my way to the small room).

So, since I will publish my sleep times, this might help me get to bed a little earlier, because ... hmmm, someone might be watching! The aim is to get up by 7:00 am and to go to bed by 11:00 pm.

My bedtimes are since today (14 November 2008). I started off with a bad record on the first day. This was the catalyst which prompted me to start drastic measures to begin good sleeping habits.

by 6am and 10pm is really good (blue)
by 7am and 11pm is good (green)
by 8am and midnight is not good (yellow)
by 9am and 1am is bad (red)
after 9am and 1am is dreadful! (pink)

Here's the link: http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=pjjIUa5ILqejd8ZC6Q3O5PQ


Gav Cormack said...

dude that is bad... out of bed at 10... and in bed by 1.59.

you working night shift?

take it easy mate.

cheers, gav

Brad Warden said...

not working night shift... just living a bit like it!
The average lately has probably been about 8am to midnight, but I'm still not happy with that.
so, thought it was time to do something about it!

Hey, nice to hear from you Gav. I think of USQ from time to time. I miss the office a bit. You take care too, mate. Try to enjoy the hotter weather as we slip down into single digit temperatures ;-)