11 November 2008

2am Noise

Hanging out the washing on the balcony of my apartment, listening to some music which is getting drowned out by the noisy trucks going along the main road. Yes, it's 2am, and the odd siren over-powers the road noise.

Why hanging out the washing now in my Hiroshima, Japan, apartment? Well, it's all about mission. Before hanging out the washing, I was preparing a talk for this weekend. The talk is about eternity... preparing hearts for eternity. The talk will be given, urging people to consider eternity and prepare for it.

Mission is not confined to the jungles of Africa or the islands of the Pacific. In the urban cities of Asia today it is very difficult to find the message of hope and eternity. It's the message that Jesus, the only person to have the power over death, can offer us eternal life.

In the cities of Japan, a super-developed country, not lacking any material things, people work, live and continue with life. Industry continues. Generations grow up. Where are all these people headed? To eternity? Do they have hope?

Buildings, streets, clubs, parties, offices, homes, schools, temples, shrines, families, parks, shops... This is life.

2am noise... the country doesn't sleep. It continues on, but headed where?

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