19 November 2008

Cold & Cheap

September remained a hot month, but just as I expected (based on last year's experience), October brouht a nice refreshing change.

The October change meant that I could start closing a few doors (which were always open before due to the hot weather), I used hot water for showers, and a the days became really pleasant.

But, we've skipped into November, which is when the cold weather begins. Flicked the swtich on the heated toilet seat (so it's on now), wear a jumper to work almost everyday, the washing dries slower, and there's an extra incentive to cook a hot meal (even if it is just some quick soup).

Yesterday was the biggest surprise. This November was a little warmer than usual, but still cool. We had temperatures averaging 10 to 20 degrees, quite nice. But, yesterday, caught us all by surprise and temperatures stayed at about 10 degrees all day, dropped to 5 degrees by 8pm, and snow started falling in the nearby mountains, just out of Hiroshima! So, winter is truly here now.

Together with the temperatures dropping over the last few months (from 35 down to 5), the petrol price has done just the same. Yay! From more than 180 yen/L in August, it's now down to 121 yen! A drop of a third! That means, when I drag out the kerosene heater next week, it'll be a lot cheaper to keep going :-)

And, in a couple of days, we'll be off to our annual retreat for SDA English teachers in Japan. About 10 to 15 of us will be there. We're headed to a nearby (1 hour away) town. It'll be from Friday to Monday and will be nice to meet up with the gang.

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Tuvin said...

ahhhhhh......brings back alot of memories. the map of hiroshima is still in my mind. the nearby mountains you wrote about...used to ride to those places, the kerosine container, the rooms, the warm-toilet facilties! Brad, its much colder here, wished i had one of those to use. and did you say u will be heading for the retreat? my regards to anyone who remembers me.