15 April 2008

While shopping seeing who?

Well, like you do, you go shopping. If you live in Australia or Japan, you still need to do the shopping. So, tonight, I bought a few things... onions, noodles, tofu, yoghurt, bread and a few other essentials. Of course, almost everything is in Japanese, but I've pretty much remembered where most common things are and what they look like. It's looking for new things, which is difficult, and takes so much longer to find out what it is. Being mostly vegetarian makes it even more fun... reading ingredients is not a quick process.

Anyway, off to the check-out I go. (By the way, Aussie trollies are huge compared to the little carts they have here). Pay for the food in yen. Pack the groceries in the plastic bags and... "Hello!"

One of the grade 2 girls from the primary school I teach English at comes up and says g'day. Shops close at 10pm, but it's only about 9pm now. She tells me about school and a few other things in Japanese. I understand some of it. She points to her big sister and mum who's almost ready to leave.

"Bye bye", she says, after her mum says it's time to go. "Oyasumi", I say.

... it's things like that that make life here nice.

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