02 April 2008


The price of petrol is 150 yen per litre.
Fresh fruit and vegetables are a little expensive but good quality.
Cherry blossoms are about to reach their full bloom.
Wrote emails to friends back in Australia today.
Enjoyed another day of English teaching.
April 1 is when many people in Japan begin a new job.
Learning Japanese challenging, but fun and interesting.
Walking around the streets of Hiroshima at night seems to be quite safe.
I'm trying to get to bed at a reasonable hour.
Things in Japan are very organised and structured, defined and often predictable.
Sometimes in the morning in Hiroshima I can smell something in the air which I think is the "fumes" or "burnt metal smell" from some of the industries in the city here (maybe Mazda or Mitsubishi?).
Japan knows how to present things well... many things look really good here... and often, they ARE good (quality etc).
Japan knows how to give presents. It's a gift giving culture.
Some new staff members came to our school recently.
I look forward to making some more friends and working together.
A good friend just left Hiroshima and moved to another city.
Now it's time to do the washing up.
Good night.


Chris & Terri Lynn said...

I like this blog. How is your Japanese coming along?

Brad Warden said...

Japanese is going ok. Learning Grade 2 kanji now. Trying to work towards JLPT Level 3 test at the end of this year. I'm enjoying it! Kanji is quite interesting for me. がんばります!