04 April 2008

Petrol down, Flowers out!

Don't ask my why I quoted the petrol (fuel, gasoline) price in my last post, but the next day it dropped 25 yen per litre! Something to do with government stuff. Wow! Now it's 125 yen per litre, and I've seen 118 yen. Nice! But, doesn't make my bicycle any cheaper.

And, flowers are out. Cherry blossoms are blooming and making a beautiful scene around this city and much of Japan. It's a real culture thing. Families, work colleages, group of friends, out under the cherry blossoms, eating, kicking a ball around, taking photos and having a nice time in the sun!

Now, time for a bike ride into the country (get out of the city!).

And then... Sabbath rest starting this evening.

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