21 November 2007

Not hot

Yes, it's cold. Here in Hiroshima, Japan, it's getting cold. First snow in Japan this season, but not here of course.

Yesterday, min 4 degrees, max of about 12 (which are typical December temperatures). It forced me to finally by a warm jacket (to keep me warm riding my bike around town). Still have another month or so of cooling off. Average monthly temps for Hiroshima are here: http://weather.yahoo.com/climo/JAXX0018_c.html

Annual retreat for SDA English teachers around Japan this weekend. Thurs night to Sunday arvo. It's about 1 hour out of Hiroshima city. Be great to catchup with everyone!

Also, this time next week I'll be living in a different apartment. They're refurbishing the apartment here and almose everyone from the 10 story building has gone now. Very noisy! (concrete drills etc). But, because they're redoing the apartment and kicking us out (with very little time to move), we don't have to clean the place, and, they are paying for removal fees!

New apartment will mean I only ride my bike 2 minutes to school, instead of 5 or 6 minutes (so I think I'll just walk). The view is not as good and on 3rd floor, not the 9th. It's a bit noisier, but there are some good advantages... much newer and nicer, closer to school. I think it's a good move. And thankfully, we found a good place in time!

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