15 November 2007

Breakfast, Bells, Phone, Trash, Christmas

I picked an orange out of the frig this morning and saw a sticker on it... it had a kangaroo on it, and the sticker told me it was from Australia! Wow! I ate an aussie orange for breakky! Felt good.

At the primary school here, I (as well as everyone else) hears the "Big Ben" ding dong bell bong chimes for the start of class and lunch etc. Yet another "western thing in the east".

Finally got my MP3's from my computer onto my phone! To transfer music from my computer to my new phone, I have to use this special program (SD Audio Jukebox by Panasonic). Tried installing it on my English Windows XP computer but didn't work. After much grumbling and annoyance, I tried to install it at work (which is Japanese Windows XP) and it works! What a relief! With a 1 Gb card, I can fit enough good songs and Japanese audio lessons on my phone to keep me happy. Also finally worked out how to transfer photos to and from computer and phone. It's a bit long winded, complicated and NOT intuitive, but finally accomplished. My phone is a P903i by NTT Docomo. Email me if you want tips. Phone can also read PDF's, so I got the Bible on my phone, together with song books and other good reading. Also can use my phone as TV remote controller. Enough of that.

It's 8am and I wake up to the sound of my apartment being trashed! My flat mate and I are one of the last residents to leave the 10 story apartment building. Everyone else has moved out. In a few weeks, the whole building will be refurbished. We will soon not be living here. The nice view over the river will be gone. But, hopefully, a newer, nicer place, but probably not as good view. Not sure where we're going yet.

Plans for Christmas coming along. First holiday is Friday 21 December. Will stay in Hiroshima for Christmas program at church (24th) and Christmas day. Not sure what I'll do. First Christmas away from family! Hmmm... might try an onsen for Christmas, or find some gaijins (other foreigners... maybe Aussies) to do Christmas. Boxing day (26th) hope to get leave for Kyushu, the southern most of the 4 major islands in Japan. It has lots of good onsens (hot springs) especially at Beppu. Hope to briefly visit Fukuoka, Nagasaki as well. Mt Aso might be appealing too. But, Kagoshima is where I'd like to get. Volcano to visit there, as well as some good church friends. I plan on using cheap accommodation (youth hostels) and a 5 day rail pass which can be used on any LOCAL trains (not express or bullet trians) anywhere in Japan for about $120!

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