24 September 2007

No injuries... not dead

George and I arrived home safe and sound just an hour or two ago! Thankfully, we're not dead. Thoroughly enjoyed the 4 day trip! May attempt a few more bike rides in Japan.

This morning, we checked out, went to a nearby beach. It was quite a nice beach! So, we swam in the Sea of Japan. Not really good waves, although there were quite a number of surfers trying to have some fun. Waves quite small and irregular.

Tried to find the onsen close by, but ended up being over 12km away! Rode bike back to centre of Hamada in the rain. Looking like drowned rats, we tried to get our bikes on the bus. One lady said we can't. Then another man said we can. We got both bikes on, then they said there was no room for us to be passengers on the bus. Language barrier again... they were kind to let George go on the bus, but they said I had to catch the next bus, which I was happy with. It gave me time to eat lunch, and the next bus left about 1 hour later... that's ok.

Found Georage at Hiroshima Bus Centre, packed up and rode home in the rain (again). Now, time for shower, unpack, dinner, relax, bed, and then back to work tomorrow!

Don't worry, photos will come :-)

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Diane said...

Well I can just imagine that you really looked like drowned rats but you had a good time and now know more about Japan. Can't wait to see the photos!