21 September 2007

Big Bike Trip

George and I are just about to leave... for a bike ride across Japan!

Being such a narrow country, it's less than 100km (as the crow flies) across, but it's very mountainous, windy roads, tunnels and hilly. We have from Friday morning to Monday night to pedal hard and make it to the Sea of Japan.

We're aiming for either Hamada or Masuda. Hope to try an onsen (hot spring) along the way, see some 1200m mountains, some waterfalls and whatever else there is. Here's the rough outline of our trip:

Routh 54 north
Routh 191 west
Routh 186 north to Hamada OR Route 191 west to Masuda
Return to Hiroshima by Monday night

Google Maps (we won't be going off this map): http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&ll=34.608345,132.19574&spn=0.809286,1.439209&z=10&om=1

We've got a map... we've prayed... we hope it will not rain too much! I have a camera... you'll see the results. Ja mata!

1 comment:

Gav Cormack said...

cool man, look forward to seeing some pics :-)

have a great long weekend.

cheers, gav