10 December 2009

Don't Forget

Just finished sorting my room out after moving in to my new apartment. So nice to be settled! And, now that I feel settled and somewhat organised (apart from needing to get a bed and desk), my mind feels relieved and clearer.

I had some time to call a friend, and listen to one of my favourite songs... it's a Japanese song you can watch/hear here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MX4M86YUAwA

Basically, the message of the song, I think, is when you are away from family and friends, it might be a bit lonely but someone is always with you. It's a really nice song, and, since I've just moved into a new place, it fitted in well with the video clip.

It's also given me time to think of my friends from Japan. I really miss everyone I met in Japan... kids, students, mum's and dad's, teachers, work colleagues, church members, people in the neighbourhood, people from the gaijin hangout group, people from travelling up and down Japan, and close friends who studied English & Bible together. I really I hope I can go back to Japan someday.

And, moving to this place has amazed me a little. It is very nice (quiet, very close to city, park-feel, nice view, plenty of light, clean, comfortable, tennis court, bbq, gym and pool), and in some ways I don't feel I deserve this.

I want to thank God for providing everything in my life, and for this place to stay. I want this home to be a place where God's Spirit can dwell, where people feel relaxed, where people feel accepted. I want to dedicate this place to the Creator God of heaven. I want to live in union with my Lord God.

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