13 September 2009

Back in Australia!

Arrived back in Australia at 2am Friday morning in Darwin, just for a stop-over, spent nearly $10 on some nuts and a drink (too expensive!), and then made it to Cairns at 8am where I felt like I was back in my own country!

It's nice to be back! Familiar scenery, people, language, brands, towns, shops and everything (as well as food). Now, I'm in Cairns and I'm staying at my Richard and Beckie's (my oldest brother's and sister-in-law's) place. They have a lovely baby girl, nearly 1 year now. She's so cute!

I've been resting and relaxing well. Today, apply for a job online, and just chill out. Tomorrow, we'll all go and meet up with Jared, my second older brother and hang out for the day. I'll stay at his house (also near Cairns) and then catch a train from Cairns to Brisbane on Thursday morning, arriving Friday afternoon.

In Brisbane, I'll go to Big Camp, a Christian conference where I'll catch up with many, many friends from school days and church. Really looking forward to it!

For now, just chilling out, and refreshing after 2 years of work in Japan. Enjoying!

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