08 March 2008


11:30 pm - go to bed
3:51 am - still asleep
3:52 am - feel floor wabble, hear something rattle

I often feel the floor shake a little as trucks drive along the busy road we live on, but this time, i woke up! Jump out of bed, flick on the computer, check the Hiroshima and Japan earthquake websites, nothing there.

Two minutes later, records showed on the JMA website. Magnitude 4.5 earthquake a little distance from here. Magnitude of between 1 and 2 where I am in middle of Hiroshima.
All is well for us here.

Useful links:

Japan Earthquake Info (JMA):

Today's quake:

Hiroshima Earthquake Info:


Bruce Thompson said...

It's good to hear 'all is well'. I've never been in a biggish quake. Must be unsettling.

Brad Warden said...

It's wasn't a large earthquake where we were. Most of my friends slept through it. It's good it was only a small wobble!