12 February 2008

No broken bones

... just a sore thumb after going skiing today. とても楽しかた!


Bruce Thompson said...

Hello Brad,
just writing to encourage you. I came across your blog, quite a contrast to this quiet Sabbath afternoon in warm Lake Macquarie.

First off, I liked the pics of Donna Buang on your Picasa page. I worked at Warburton for 3 years and met my wife at the now defunct Health Centre. So Donna Buang was a favourite place for us back then.

Second your overseas trips. I went to Bangkok as a volunteer - to the SDA hospital there - back in '80. Ended up staying 18 months (and after I was married did a full 6 year term as a paid missionary - I'm a physio). So lots of encouragement as you teach English. May God's hand be evident. I found my time as in Asia built my faith and my character. May it do the same for you.

Thirdly, I blog as well and wish we had these things when I was overseas. Anyway I know how you wonder if anyone is reading you. Well from now on you have one more regular reader.

By the way, look after your thumbs when you ski, make sure you hold those poles correctly, mate


Brad Warden said...

Hi Bruce,

Nice to hear from you! Thanks for dropping a line. Actually, my parents are from Lake Macquarie area and both of my grandma's are still there!

Yes, again this Sabbath afternoon, we got more snow, but heading out of winter soon. The local SDA Junior High School choir came to sing at our church today (in Japanese of course!) and was a very nice time of worshipping God.

Volunteering in Asia... After 6 months, I'm still really liking it. Thanks for your encouragement. May people come to know God through the way we live.

Yes, I think my time here is strenthening my faith and character. I wouldn't trade my time here.

And, I'll try ski a little safer next time :-)

Take care,