14 January 2008

20 years old?

In Japan, today is "Coming of Age" day. If you are 20 years old, today is a special day. When you turn 20, you can vote, drink, smoke, and are legally an adult. 20 year olds often dress up in traditional Japanese clothing. Here's one view of this day:

Here's a bit about my holidays:

Thu 3 Jan:
Caught 700 Series Shinkansen from Hiroshima to Tokyo.
Saw Kyoto, snow and Mt Fuji along the way.
Caught local train from Tokyo Station to Shinjuku Station.
Stayed with friends from Melbourne, Australia in Oakwood Apartments in Shinjuku.
Went shopping in Shinjuku.
Met friends at Hachiko Statue just outside Shibuya Station, near Shibuya Crossing.

Fri 4 Jan:
Went to Tsukiji fish market and Hamarikyu Gardens
Took a boat up Sumida River to Asakusa
At ramen, visited Sensō-ji Temple (as a tourist) and saw Kimono

Sat 5 Jan:
Worshipped at Tokyo Central International SDA Church in Harajuku
Relaxed at Yoyogi Park near Harajuku Station
Visited the Apple Store, shopped, ate out and in Ginza at night
Visited friends apartment with nice view of Tokyo Tower

Sun 6 Jan:
Caught N700 Series Shinkansen back to Hiroshima
Back to work at Hiroshima SDA English School

Tokyo Photos

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