18 December 2007


It's 11:52 pm. Should be in bed, but, I did say I'd get the monthly reports done before tomorrow. I'm at school listening to Christmas music. Let me share something...

Listening to this, looking at the names of these Japanese kids I teach English to, remembering their faces, knowing it's end of year, knowing we've had lots of fun together in class this year, sharing many good times, disciplining, teaching, learning, giving cards, gifts to each other... I've really learnt to like them.

God loves us as His children so much more than I might like to think I care for these kids. God loves us without limit. He loves us forever with infinite love.

Christmas is upon us... Christmas is all about CHRIST! His name was also called "Emmanuel", which means, "God with us."

Can you imagine that? Think of the mighty power of God who flung the universe into existence and carefully designed the complexities of the human body... think of this God coming to live with us on this earth! How could He?

Christmas is about God coming to be with us, to give us peace, to give us hope, to give us eternal life.

Christmas is about us returning to God, coming to God, to receive this peace, hope and life.

God will give you rest, if you come to Him.

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