31 October 2007

Church is like this

Life's good! Had a great weekend a few days ago. Friday, finally got sorted out (tidy room, organized, clean house, shopping [so there's food to eat!], and attempted a haircut but ran out of time).

Friday night we had vespers. Opened Sabbath, sang some songs, heard a Bible talk and ate some dinner together with friends at the church. A person came who had not been for a long time... that was good! After going home, spent some time reading the "Adventist World", my favourite magazine--excellent news from the world church, inspiring articles, encouraging teachings.

Saturday at church. Everything in Japanese like usual. I don't understand much of it, but at times, someone translates, so that's quite helpful. We sing songs (hymns) that I know in English, but the words are in Japanese. I try to read the hiragana and can sing most of the songs, not understanding what I'm singing... just sounding out the words. But since I know the hymns in English, I know what the songs are about. It's nice to praise God in Japanese! ... while I'm standing in church with my slippers off (usual). It's also good practice reading hiragana (Japanese writing), because the music does not stop for you.

And, there was a baptism at church! I only found out a minutes before it happened. Really nice to see some people decide to follow God and be baptized, signalling their commitment to Jesus. Very nice time. Two ladies were baptized.

I find I'm understanding more of the words at church now... I can understand 2% of it now, rather than 1% :-). Nice lunch afterwards. Had curry and rice with other nice Japanese dishes. Ate with some of the kids and mothers. Caught up with some of the youth and other church members also. Felt a nice sense of warmth from the church members--kids, youth and adults. Did some Bible study with Jehovah's Witnesses in the afternoon/evening. Interesting to study what they believe.

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